Lots to report today, but no recipes at the moment, sorry. =)
This post is probably going to be incredibly long. Forgiveness is begged in advance.

Last Thursday I was feeling wretched and desperately wanted something in the form of hot, soup, and noodle. So I conned the boy into coming with me to Seoul Leecchi on Main St, because they have awesome sukiyaki. I have mixed feelings about S.L. a lot of the time, because if you go during the week, they have the most awesome lunch specials ever. For like 6 bucks, you can get a big obento (japanese lunch box type thing) with rice, dumpling, salad, some noodly stuff, a couple cucumber rolls, and your main entree. And miso soup. It’s a total steal. But their dinner prices are almost outrageous. And it makes me sad, because their menu is outstanding and I love the food there. The boy and I were speculating, and we honestly don’t know why they don’t advertise. I’m betting that most people just don’t know about the place, which is really a shame. We’re constantly wondering how the hell they stay open at all, because it’s just about always dead when we show up, regardless of what day or what time. If they advertised, they’d get more business, and maybe they’d even be able to lower prices a little. That’d be nice. Either way, the sukiyaki was AMAZING as always. There’s just something so innately therapeutic about a bigass bowl with broth, beef, tofu, noodles, and veg in it. Plus some spicy korean pickles on the side, just to mix things up a bit. And Darren loves the green tea there, which is more robust and nutty than the plainer chinese restaurant variety, which I actually like better. But green tea in just about any incarnation is good, so I’m still happy. So yeah. If you find yourself possessed of some spare cash and want to have the best sukiyaki ever, go to Seoul Leecchi. They also have really good short ribs. And sushi. Just be careful of the kimchi.

Friday we went with the Framingham crew over to this little hole in the wall Indian diner. Which in itself is an amusing concept. It was tasty beyond all belief. Best malai kofta (veggie balls in a sweet creamy sauce) I’ve had in a while. The boy had shrimp korma, which he also heartily enjoyed. K and S both got lamb saag (the real name of which I can neither pronounce nor spell) which was good because I like saag, but I found the lamb to be overly tough and salty. The most interesting thing was that they had a broccoli-stuffed naan, which I’d never seen before. Man, it was good. I love naan, and I love broccoli. It’s a winning combination.

Final ramble (I promise.): So Saturday (May 6th if you’re still keeping track) I did a small catering order in the morning. I served up garlic bread, a veggie & dip platter, salmon hors deuvres, my layered nacho dip of doom, and a tomato and mozzarella salad (over baby spinach). Delivered the food, took payment, and went off on my merry way to prepare for my own party. The next day at Unity I collected back a couple of my serving plates, and was told this story:

BDG, the woman who was hosting, has a cousin who had been really ill, and his medication had totally killed his appetite. In fact, the very smell of some foods could make Cousin feel like being violently sick. So imagine the family’s suprise and joy when poor sick Cousin went back for, not just seconds, but third helpings of all the food! He apparently especially enjoyed the big ol’ pan of nacho dip (my friend Kevin calls it a big pile of tasty).

So a little (a lot, really) validation for my new chosen path, which is great.

It’s things like that that make me think… Wow, I could totally make it. I am a good cook. Maybe even a great cook. I could totally envision people being willing enough to pay me for food.

Wouldn’t that be just great?