Brunch 5/6/06
– tomato and mozzarella platter on baby spinach
– garlic bread (of DOOM)
– smoked salmon canapes (on pumpernickel points with herbed cream cheese)
– veggie tray with homemade creamy dill dip
– deluxe nacho dip (from the bottom up: taco meat, refried beans, cream cheese, salsa, shredded cheese)
– mint chocolate meringue cookies
– kahlua flan (of DOOM!)
– soft ginger cookies

Big Ol’ Bash 5/20/06
– avocado and cucumber sandwiches
– spinach and portobello sandwiches
– steak wraps
– bruschetta platter (whoo!)
– stuffed tomatoes (with zucchini, summer squash, and a crapload of cheese)
– nacho dip (same as above, but no meat)
– salsa (of garlicky death!)
– guacamole (oh yeah, babe.)
– potato salad
– mint chocolate meringue cookies
– strawberry cake, iced and decorated within an inch of my life.

Whew. This will be a foodarific month for me, that’s for damn sure.