On our way back from lunch at the Picadilly Pub we popped in to Miranda Bread to look around and see if I could score a sweet deal for the sandwich spread for the party I’m catering in a few weeks. (Whoa, run-on sentence!)

They’re this cute little Brazilian bakery and they struck me right from the get-go because unlike a lot of “bakeries” that sell mostly pastries and not a lot of like… real, savory breads, this one sells mostly bread and a few types of pastry. The counter girl was very nice and showed me lots of very pretty breads they have, and I’d only need to order a day or two in advance to make sure I have all I need.
They had some standard sandwich rolls and stuff, but their baguettes…. Oh my god, their baguettes. I’m used to baguettes having decent flavor but being horribly dried out shells and impossible to eat without losing a tooth or injuring your gums. These baguettes are pretty, and light, and …. soft. I poked one, and it had almost as much give as a soft Italian loaf. That made me SO happy. It was beautiful. I bought one on the spot so I can test it tomorrow at dinner.
And they had these big loaves of italian bread, but it was shaped like challah. Denser than I thought they’d be, too. Very pretty. And easy to break apart for smaller sandwiches. Still unsure about those, but definite food for thought (haha) They also had these little dinner roll things that wouldn’t work at all for the party, but the counter girl was very proud of. They were baked with cheese right in the middle and all through the roll. Very tasty. A good cheese too, strong flavor. I think it was Asiago, which is one of my favorite flavoring cheese. It was delightful. She gave me and Darren a roll each to try. Yum! Those will definitely find their way to our dinner table in the future.
So I’m definitely placing my order with Miranda for the party. They have a great selection and everything smells great. And it’ll save me money, I think. Plus Price Chopper and Shaws have terrible baguettes. So yeah.

Oh, and in addition to the baguette, I bought a piece of banana cake, and a tub each of strawberry and passionfruit mousse. I’m so excited =)

Tonight I’ll be experimenting with stuffed tomatoes, so perhaps tomorrow I’ll post results of that. Perhaps I’ll serve them with a salad with some meat on top. Maybe some of my ridiculously good garlic bread. Mmmmm, garlic.

Peace out, happy eaters =)