Most of the technique is from Rachael Ray; some of the ingredients are fudged.
The recipe calls for cod or red snapper… neither of which I could find. So I used halibut. I think any flaky white fish is good. Next time I’m totally trying tilapia. Because tilapia rules.

– 2lbs fish, filetted.
– handful of flat-leaf parsley (and chop the everliving crap out of it)
– lemon
– about 1lb of cauliflower and/or broccoli florets
– parchment paper
– olive oil
– salt and pepper
– handful of cherry or grape tomatoes, halved.


Rip off 4 pieces of parchment paper, about 1 foot in length. If you have enough counter space, it’s probably easier to spread them out and assemble all 4 packets at once. If not, then do a lot of shuffling around. Anyway.
In each packet: put 1/4 of the cauliflower/broccoli, 1/4 of the fish (you can fold it up a bit to make it fit), salt and pepper, 1/4 of the tomato. sprinkle liberally with the parsley, drizzle generously with extra virgin olive oil, and give a good squeeze of lemon over it.

Bring up the long sides of parchment (the way I assemble, everything is laid out horizontally on the parchment, so I’m folding in the top and bottom sides) and fold them together down to the fish. It’s kind of like folding down a lunch bag.

Fold in the sides. Voila! Fish Packet!

Bake in 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.

This is so fun and easy to serve. Just slide a packet onto a plate and hand over a fork. The guests unfold/open the packets themselves and there’s a tasty surprise inside!

I served my packets alongside garlicky sauteed spinach and parmesan-parsley couscous (I had a bunch of parsley left over). It was pretty danged tasty.