img_0266I mean, if you are looking for something quick to throw together that’s got protein, this is pretty awesome.

I’m really not even going to post it in my standard recipe format, because it’s just super simple!

Take some cooked chickpeas. (If you’re using canned, awesome – just make sure to drain and rinse them first.) Add some of whatever veggies you might like.  In this version, I used grape tomatoes (cut in half), a small amount of chopped onion, and a slightly ludicrous amount of chopped parsley. Add some dressing.  Want to make your own vinaigrette? Go for it! Want to use premade dressing? Also awesome.  You’ll noticed I didn’t specify a kind of dressing.  You can use pretty much whatever you want!

Basically, add veggies and saucy goop to chickpeas, and enjoy =)