Every year, I say to myself that this will be the year I finally stop being a lazy bum, and blog more often, and explore more recipes, etc etc etc.
… Well, here’s hoping this time it sticks =)

This year I’ve asked my lovely fiance Darren to help keep me honest about blogging, and keep me on task, and save me from the depths of my own inertia. So hopefully you’ll be seeing more from me. My goal was originally to post every day, but I know that’s well nigh impossible, so I’m going to go for the more attainable of a new post every week. That gives me a whole week in which to tinker around with food in the hopes of coming up with something I’m proud enough of to share with the whole wired world.

So here’s to a new year — a year full of cooking, and laughter, and fun, and to lots of tasty new discoveries! I can hardly wait!