I like trifle, but damned if I’m going to spend an hour making a custard cream every time I want some.
Sort of related: Darren and I went on our annual blueberry-picking trip a week ago. Now we’re swimming in berries (most of them have been frozen for future use)

So, here you go, almost-instant blueberry trifle. No measurements, just go by what you like.

The goods:
angel-food cake or pound cake
vanilla pudding
whipped topping

The method:
Okay, hold onto your hats, this one’s REALLY complicated!
1. grab a vessel of your choice. casserole dish, trifle bowl, wine glass, whatever.
2. layer ingredients: cake on the bottom, then pudding, blueberries, whip, and more berries. in that order.
3. repeat, if desired and/or there’s room left.


This is great for those lazy nights where I want something sweet but can’t be bothered to do any real cooking. =)