About a year ago I experimented with vegan brownies because Darren’s mom was visiting, and she is had gone almost entirely vegan but still loved chocolate, and I couldn’t very well deny her baked goods simply because I always bake with eggs and milk. They turned out pretty well.

I’m a dedicated omnivore and an equal-opportunity animal-parts-and-products consumer, but I do know vegans and vegetarians, and I always make sure to keep them in mind when I entertain.
That being said, there are some vegans coming to my party tomorrow night, and I need to make sure I can have some snackies on-hand for them. Since I’m far too lazy to actually make up labels on what is vegan and what is not out of my normally dairy-laden hors-doeuvre fare, I figured this time around I would just make primarily vegan-friendly snackies and call it a day. It helps that it’s the dead of summer and I can get away with setting out cold veggie trays, which would be more refreshing and welcomed. I hope.

I have made fantastic hummus and baba ghannouj for years, so I’ll definitely do that. The vegan brownies too, because they’re actually so easy it’s almost retarded. I think I’ll also do a quick bruschetta mix, that way I can just do up a bunch of garlic toasts and veggie sticks for the 3 dips and it’ll LOOK all fancy and work-intensive, but it really won’t be.

I do want to do some sort of fancy baked item though. I was thinking some sort of blended soft tofu mix served inside wonton cups. I’ve found some easy methodology on teh intarwebs to make the wonton cups. For the tofu I think I’ll just mix it with some soy sauce, garlic, and a bit of sugar. It’s a slight variation on a tofu salad my mom always used to make on the really really hot days in cali. Hmm… maybe some shallot. Mom always used scallions, but I can’t be arsed to buy an entire bunch of scallions when I only need like one.

Of course, it can’t be a Vickie party without a big pot of something spicy and cheesy. That will NOT be a vegan option, duh. But instead of the usual pot o’ meaty-beany mess, I think I’ll do a modified fondue. I’ll use broth or beer, but use a blended cheese instead of swiss (I actually don’t much care for swiss) and I’ll add a crapload of my favorite spicy comestibles… because I can.

So that’s what I need to get accomplished within the next 23 hours. And cleaning, and hopefully some sleep somewhere in there. It’ll be a piece of cake. =)