I’m beginning to think I’m just totally odd when it comes to tea. I take “normal tea” (and by normal, I mean Twinings brand Earl Grey. If it’s not Twinings, it’s not Earl Grey) with milk and enough sugar to kill a horse. Seriously. You can look into the bottom of my cup once the tea is gone and there’s still a layer of wet sugar at the bottom. I SUPER-saturate it. Fruity infusions (Celestial Seasonings) always involve some crazy amount of honey. Chai must be milky and, again, enough honey to kill a small mammal.

Yet I actually get offended when people try to adulterate my green tea. Or any of the various “get it in an asian restaurant” teas, really. Those I drink straight-up, and I don’t understand why people feel the need to sugar those.

BUT… my green tea ice cream had better be sweeter than GOD, or there is hell to pay.

So… yeah. I don’t make any sense. Not that that’s anything new, really. Just felt like sharing.