All right, so I probably should have known this already, but blame it on my brain atrophying now that I’m not in school anymore. Or something.

Anyway, I was making up a batch of peanut butter cookies (again… been on a wicked huge PB kick the past few months) and I ran out of parchment paper to line my cookie sheet with. As I’m looking around my kitchen, I see a roll of aluminum foil and I think to myself… well, if it’s only to keep the cookies from sticking to the pan, it won’t make a differenc, right?

… Oy.

So the cookie sheet that I did have enough parchment paper to cover turned out beautiful cookies that I’m very proud of. The other one? Well, the tops look fine. The bottoms are burnt. And I am sad.

… Darren thinks they’re tasty though. He’s strange. =)