Ever made a pan of casserole-style baked mac and cheese and not been pleased with how it turned out?

A week or so back I made a ginormous batch of it and then decided that it had set up too firm and I hated it. (I prefer the creamy ooey gooey kind)

So I was all… damn, I’ve got a big pan of really firm cheesy stuff and I don’t know what to do. Then I remembered:

The goods:
– mac and cheese, chilled til it’s firm, sliced into about inch-thick cutlets
– eggs
– bread crumbs
– vegetable oil

The method:
– beat the eggs in a bowl. in a different bowl, pour out some bread crumbs.
– egg and bread the mac and cheese. It’s not difficult.
– heat up some veg oil in a nonstick skillet (I’m paranoid)
– fry till brown and delicious on both sides. You’ll know when it’s done when the smell just about drives you mad with hunger.
– put 4-ish layers of paper towel on a plate. transfer fried mac and cheese to plate.
– season both sides with some salt and some Dr Gonzo’s One Hump Dry Rub.

… and then cry tears of joy as you consume.

I win!