disclaimer: this post not appetizing to those who don’t enjoy meat.

So we randomly decided to hit up Ipanema Grill in F’ham for dinner tonight, since T.O. is a fan of Brazilian food, and no one else had a strong opinion, and Brazilian food was something I’ve been meaning to try for quite a while.

Oh. My. God. We got the churrasco (sp?) and buffet. The buffet was already impressive. The salad was so-so, but there was some delightful okra and beef concoction. And there was very beautiful velvety butternut squash. And they had those little rolls filled with cheese that I love from Miranda Bread. Only smaller, and very likely made on site. Then the meat came out. Seriously. Zomg. Big men carrying giant skewers of meat. And proffering it ever so nicely. And carving off hunks of it upon request. Dear lord, there was a ton of meat. The steak was delightful. The chicken was also damn good. There was some beef rib going on that was practically indecent, it was so tender and delicious. I was not as big a fan of the lamb, but that’s just a personal preference.
Oh, and then they brought out the giant chunks of pineapple. That was like pure sex on a plate. My god, it was beautiful.

So yeah. The food was zomg awesome. The presentation was also awesome. I am very happy. And at twenty bucks for all the tasties and meat you can stomach, I personally also thought it was a very good deal. Not something the boy and I can do all the time, since we’re still poor, but definitely an experience I’d love to repeat.

Yeah, baby.