Truly, the beauty of avocado toast has got to be its simplicity. You don’t need to know any recipes or measurements; all you need to know is how to cut open an avocado, and there’s plenty of tutorials online if you’re not sure where to start. All you need is your favorite bread, a nice ripe (bordering on squishy) avocado, and… really, the sky’s the limit.

Many of my favorite painfully trendy brunch places serve avo toast topped with like… shaved radishes, poached eggs, and some sort of chopped herb garnish.  And that’s great and quite tasty, but on a day when you’re feeling lazy, you really don’t need all those things.

This version is me, pre-coffee, blundering around trying to find the fastest way to put something tasty into my face. So I grabbed some of the nice multigrain bread we keep in the house, and put two slices into the toaster. I mushed up half an avocado (still in the shell) with a fork. I stared blearily into the condiments fridge until I spotted the kimchi (we get some lovely vegan kimchi from a local farm).

When my toast popped up, I smeared on some butter (from a local dairy, because my life is full of magic), spread on the mashed avocado, sprinkled some salt and pepper, and topped it with kimchi. Then the fog in my brain cleared just enough for me to make myself a cup of coffee before sitting down to my lovely hipster breakfast.

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?