Listen, I have nothing against those Lipton Sides things (you know, rice or pasta, seasonings included, just add water and butter).  But every now and then I think… you know, it’s not that hard to make for real, and then at least I can pronounce most of what I’m putting in my body.  I’m also INCREDIBLY lazy, and oftentimes after a long day of cooking at work – I don’t want to make anything that takes actual effort.  You’ve been there too, I’m sure.  In the past, that’s when I’d just order takeout, but times are a bit lean for me right now, and again, with the “being able to pronounce what I’m putting into my mouth” – yeah, cooking at home is the right option.

So I happened to have some leftover fried chicken.  I also had rice, broccoli, and chicken base.  See where I’m going with this?  Good.

The Goods:

1 cup (ish?) rice

several handfuls of broccoli, trimmed to bite-sized pieces.

2 (cooked) chicken thighs, skin and bone removed and meat shredded

chicken base (2tsp ish?) (or chicken stock)

The method:

Grab your favorite saucepan and whack it on the stove.

Add rice, cover with about an inch of liquid. (So – chicken stock, if you have it.  Or water, if you’re using chicken base/bouillon)

Cover and heat on medium-high until boiling.  (At this point, if all you’ve got in the pan is water and rice, add your chicken base/bouillon)  Stir.

Replace cover, turn the heat down till it’s at a simmer.

Shred your chicken, trim your broccoli.  Stir it in as you finish each thing.

When the rice is cooked and everything is heated through, you’ve got dinner!  Stir thoroughly, dish it out, and chow down. (I ended up with two very generous portions)

Also fantastic topped with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.