I had just a bit of turkey left over from Thanksgiving at the in-laws’ house, and I knew I wanted soup.  But a straight-up turkey soup seemed… I don’t know, too pedestrian for me?  Darren may or may not have requested something with mushrooms.  So after some searching, I came across this recipe: Hungarian Mushroom Soup (from allrecipes)  It was a great starting point!

The recipe itself actually stands alone quite well, in my opinion.  I didn’t alter much because it was so solid.  I did add about 1 cup of chopped cooked turkey, and I bumped the chicken stock to 3 cups and the sour cream to 1 cup.  I may have also used more than 1 pound of mushrooms, but so long as there’s enough liquid to cover everything as it simmers, no worries.

Served with some nice crusty bread and soft cheese, and paired with a nice glass of red wine, this was a fantastic, decadent, but still healthy and simple dinner.  Try it! =)