It’s summer, which means everyone seems to be on the search for cool, refreshing, “don’t-turn-hot-things-on” fare.  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend just eating tzaziki or raita as a meal, but I find it to be a fantastic accompaniment to grilled meats or a great chunky dip for vegetables or pita.  I acknowledge the difference between the general flavor profiles but the bulk of the ingredients and methodology are the same, so here we go:

The goods:

1 (10-oz or so) cup greek yogurt, or if you want a thinner raita, regular plain yogurt

cucumber, peeled and finely diced, or peeled, shredded and squeezed

salt, pepper, lime juice, minced garlic

optional: ground cumin, tumeric, and red pepper flake for the raita, dill for the tzaziki

The method:

Mix everything together until it tastes good.  No, seriously.  It’s that simple.  Now go at it with some pita, some naan, some tasty grilled veggies or meats, and have yourself a party.  Enjoy!