So… say you have some awesome friends who gifted you with a huge turkey.  Say you roasted it so it wouldn’t be a big raw lump leaking poultry juices all over your fridge.  And say you and your loving fiance are on diets, so big turkey dinners are clearly out of the question.  The answer?  Clearly, it’s salad.

I’ve talked in the past about how including sweet things on a salad is a surefire way for beloved fiance to enjoy his meal, so we’ll skip it and just get to the awesomeness that was on our plates:

Bagged salad greens (I get the kind that’s full of arugula, because it’s pretty much my favorite green.)

Sliced cucumber

Finely sliced celery

Chopped pecans

Dried pomegranate seeds (SO much better than raisins.)

Sliced turkey tenderloin (thin slices!)

Darren had his straight up, I hit mine with some balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

Healthy, tasty, and on the table in less than five minutes.

Really, how can one go wrong?