Okay, before anyone freaks out about how I’m posting horribly complex things… relax.  Salmon en Papillote is not complicated.  It’s literally salmon that’s packaged up in parchment paper with some other tasty stuff and baked.  (en papillote – french.  in paper.)  The beauty of it is that once you’ve got the technique, you can pretty much do whatever you like flavor-wise, and it’s lovely.  You don’t have to use a lot of liquid or fat because the parchment paper seals in all the juices, and it’s just…. so… good.

(Also: you can really tell when wild-caught sockeye salmon is on sale at the local grocery store, because that’s when I go fish-recipe-crazy :D)

The goods:

2 sockeye filets (about 4 oz each)

french beans or green beans (trimmed), a small handful

cherry tomatoes, halved, 4 or 5

salt, pepper

1/2 lemon, sliced thin

2 good-sized sheets of parchment paper

The method:

Okay, this is hard to describe, so I’ve included a video from Food Network (different recipe, but same method) here:


Done watching? Good.
Okay, so lay down a small handful of green beans (half of what you’ve got; the other half goes into the other packet), then place your salmon skin-side down directly on top of it.
Give it a sprinkle of salt and pepper, then top it with a couple lemon slices, and half of the tomato (the other half goes into the other packet). You can drizzle over some extra virgin olive oil at this point, but I’m on a diet (sigh) so I skipped it.
Now wrap it up all nice like the video, and plop that into a 400 degree oven (you did preheat your oven, right?) for 20ish minutes.