We had an impromptu cookout last night because the weather was gorgeous and… why not, really? I decided I needed to do something in the way of plant food, because most of my friends, as awesome as they are, are rather dedicated carnivores and I just don’t like to have quite that much meat at one sitting. Or at all, really. But I knew I didn’t feel like doing a green salad (wilts too quickly) or a potato salad (not actually veggies, but starch) so I ransacked my freezer and remembered this really really REALLY simple dish. Really.

The goods:
1 bag frozen sweet corn
1 bag frozen green beans (cut)
1 medium to large sweet onion, diced fine
salt, pepper, ground mustard, other spices to taste
2-ish Tablespoons butter, margarine, country crock, or whatever butter-flavored substitute you like.
1-ish Tablespoon olive oil

The method:
Get the olive oil good and hot in a big skillet or wok.
Add the onion, saute for about a minute or two.
Throw in your frozen veggies. Cook until everything is hot.
Add your butter (or butter-flavored substitute). Stir.
Add your flavorings. I went with a couple good pinches of salt, about 10 grinds of black pepper, three shakes of ground mustard, and five shakes of my favorite spicy dry rub.

Dish up and enjoy =)