So I totally meant to write my massive tofu manifesto this week, but you know how life is and you lose the thread and then you get distracted… suffice to say, it didn’t get written.
But I did watch an episode of Julie Child’s “The French Chef” the other day wherein she made croissants the old-school way. I decided then and there that while I love croissants and that was a fantastic episode to watch, I so do not have the patience to ever actually MAKE croissants.
But I figured that in honor of Valentines Day and all things French seeming vaguely romantic, here’s a great cheating way to make something fancy and nummies for your V-Day breakfast or brunch. Or anytime, really.

The goods:
1 can of pre-made croissant dough (or “crescent rolls”)
appropriate number of mini (“fun size”) chocolate bars, or one big chocolate bar broken into appropriate number of pieces

The method:
Separate the croissants along those handy perforations.
Before rolling, stick a hunk of chocolate onto the wide end.
Roll up according to directions on package. The only added step is to try to seal up the chocolate so it won’t ooze all over your baking sheet.
Bake according to directions on package.

Yummers! You get the soft flakey buttery croissant goodness, PLUS a little surprise of chocolate in the middle.

How much better can life get?