Two very good friends of mine are getting married next Sunday. Because I am awesome, insane, or awesomely insane, I am doing their wedding cake. Luckily for me, they want a cake that tastes like cake and not fondant. And lots of strawberries. But that’s awesome.
So this week is going to be interesting for me. And quite crazy. But I think I’m up to the challenge, and I’m relatively positive I can do it without losing sleep.
My schedule looks something like this:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: After work, make 1 batch of cake per day. This will net me 1 cake per day or thereabouts dependent upon which size pans I’m using that day (5 cakes of varying sizes on a cascading tier set-up). And since it only takes a few hours do bake 1 cake, I should be able to get done and cleaned up well before bedtime. After the cakes are cooled, I will be tightly wrapping them and storing them wherever I can find space between my fridge and freezer.
Friday after work: Kidnap bride-to-be and go shopping for ridiculous amounts of whipped cream and strawberries for the cake’s gorgeous outside. It’s going to be an amaretto-whipped-cream frosting. And lots of strawberries, did I mention that? =)
Friday night: make 1 of 5 batches of frosting, assemble cake layers (end up with 5 layered cakes as opposed to a sea of individual cake layers), start cutting strawberries
Saturday: Make up the rest of the frosting, finish cutting strawberries. Make some sugar cookie letter blocks if I have time.
Sunday: Arrive at wedding site bright and early armed with cakes, berries, spatulas, and aprons, frost and decorate outsides of cakes, place strawberries, and RELAX.

See? Sounds like a lot, but it’s totally doable. =)