I have long loved chili, but I’ve always had trouble coming up with the perfect chili. This one comes pretty close, and it just keeps getting better as it gets older! You will have to adjust the seasonings to your own tastes, as I made this several days ago and of course never measure a thing.

The goods:
1 pkg lean ground turkey
1 can diced tomatoes, drained
1 can garbanzo beans, drained
1/2 onion, finely diced
extra virgin olive oil
chili powder …. 3 – 4 ish tablespoons?
ground coriander, several dashes
dried oregano, several dashes
Dr Gonzo’s One Hump Dry Rub, several dashes
ground cumin, not more than 1 teaspoon
worcestershire sauce, several dashes
chicken stock as needed

The method:
get yourself a decent-sized soup pot (I used my wok – I am AWESOME like that.)
heat up your oil. throw in some minced garlic, or just add some Dr. Gonzo’s Dragons Tearz (a hot garlic chili oil)
sweat onion until just barely translucent
add turkey, breaking up the chunks. cook until no longer pink.
Add tomatoes and garbanzo beans (if you like wetter chilis, don’t drain the cans, just whack the whole thing in, liquid and all. I drained the cans and added chicken stock to loosen it up more, since I wanted a more meaty flavor. Alternately, add beer.)
Add seasonings, mix until well-distributed. Use your nose when you season … when it smells good, that’s a good starting point.
Add chicken stock and bring to simmer. I would start with about 1 cup of stock and add more if I need it… If there’s one thing I truly hate in this world, it’s a watery chili. You can always add, but you can’t take away.
Simmer for 30 min or until thick. Taste and adjust seasonings. At this point if you want your chili to have a kick, you can add your hot sauce or your peppermash or whatever hot stuff you prefer.

Serve topped with some cheese, over rice or with some nice crusty bread (Hint: homemade sourdough?)