I will admit this: I have no preference on charcoal vs gas for grilling. I have used charcoal exclusively to this point because I’m poor, and yeah, it’s got nice flavor. But when I eat food that has been prepared on a gas grill… I get the exact same grill-icious enjoyment. Perhaps my taste buds aren’t sensitive enough, but for me, there’s really no discernible difference.

Now, charcoal is cheap, but I don’t have a grill that’s easy to get the ash and residue out of. It also takes a long time to heat up, so grilling for me takes quite a bit of pre-planning. I lust after gas grills that have like a couple burners so you can have different temperature zones. I salivate at the thought of pushing a button and WHAM instant flame. I go into paroxysms of delight at the very concept of not having to scrape out an assload of ash and half-burned briquets before every grill session.

That and there is that pesky rumor going around that smoke from charcoal is carcinogenic. Then again, everything is carcinogenic these days, so what’s new?

Anyway, my point is that you can’t beat a gas grill for instant gratification. And sometimes, that’s really what I’m all about.

Someday in the far future when I have a couple hundred bucks stashed away, I’m going to get me a gas grill. And then… whoo boy, watch out. Life will be ever so very good.