The night classes worked together to put together a table for this past week’s Savor the Flavors MS Fundraiser at Union Station in Worcester. It was so many kinds of awesome. We basically treated it like a huge catering and ordered the food and did 3 dishes for the guests… Again… more fun than I’ve had in ages.

One of the dishes was a stir-fry with a really awesome hoisin-orange sauce. I won’t give it away because it’s not my own creation – it was my classmate’s. But man oh man, it was good. I know the secret, so hit me up and I’ll it make it for you sometime. (This offer only extends to my friends who live within the Mboro-Hudson triangle o’ love, sorry!

Some unexpected time off coming to me in the next couple days, so I’ll try to catch up some on my experiments from the past couple months and get them online. Thanks for tuning in!