I probably should have mentioned this, but I’m in culinary school! I’m taking night classes at the Salter School in the culinary arts program! Okay, now on with the post:

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So the two classes I’m taking this term (10 week terms) are Desserts and Back of House Operations. Back of House is fascinating, but probably only to me because I’m a total nerd. It’s like all the safety and sanitation regulations, pricing and cost of menu items, scheduling, etc etc.

Desserts however… now who doesn’t like desserts? =)

Last week because I was new I shadowed a classmate and helped with the little stuff like babysitting cream on the stove, measuring, cutting dough, etc.

So imagine my surprise when today in class, Chef-Professor declares that I must produce a batch of vanilla ice cream all on my own! (I believe I might have squeaked in surprise.) So away I go, frantically mixing and boiling and whisking and tempering. Once the custard is in the ice bath to cool, Chef notices that there is still a good portion of time left in the period and decides that he really needs a batch of crepes.
Let me now make the disclaimer that I can only just barely flip pancakes. Crepes terrify me.
So okay, a few more random squealy noises later (I kept the noises in my head, I’m not that crazy) I’m off and running, hunting down the ingredients for crepe batter. Chef joins me at the stove for a quick crepe-flipping tutorial and to get the first few going, then leaves me to my own devices. And also, the order to have at least 20 good crepes by the end of class.
So there I am, frantically buttering, ladle-ing, and flipping. And at one point I drop everything to go move the ice cream batter into the ice cream maker. And then scurry back towards the stove. I just barely squeaked the last few crepes in before the end of class.

And I swear, I don’t remember having this much fun in ages. I think it’s great that Chef was “testing” me, and it’s even greater that I evidently passed with flying colors. I got a couple high-fives and plenty of compliments (which is actually quite disconcerting) so go me!

It’s also good to be reassured that I can make it, because what kept me from enrolling sooner was my paralyzing fear of failure. BUT, I can hold my own in a class of students all with more experience than me, and I can keep my cool while juggling a bunch of things AND while Chef is yelling at everyone. I do believe that I am quite well-suited to the kitchens!

So that is all. I won’t post reports of everything I make in class, but tonight I figured I should since I was *literally* bouncing around when I got home, I’d had such a great time at school. =) Again… go me!