This isn’t really even a recipe, but I just figured I should mention how wonderful fruit salad is. It’s light and crisp and refreshing and it’s so so easy. All you need is some time, a big knife, and a huge bowl.

What I generally put in would be:

Half of a seedless watermelon
one honeydew melon
one pineapple
a bag of grapes

and it’s great because other than the choppitychopping, you haven’t got to really *do* anything. Darren’s grandparents brought us a couple pints of fresh-picked blueberries; I may mix some of those in as well.

I do know people who hate chopping stuff and I guess it is effort intensive, but I dunno. I like chopping. I like working with knives. It gets me closer to the food and it’s therapeutic. That probably makes me kind of a freak, but that’s ok.

Anyway, fruit salad. whoo!