Okay, so… I first discovered this recipe way back in the day when Jamie Oliver ruled the Food Network (I miss him… he’s sexy) and I never really played with it, but it’s become a favorite of mine and Darren’s over the past year or so, so I figured it’s about time I shared.

The Goods:
– loaf of interesting bread (I often use a crusty french, ciabatta works really well too. you want the outside to have some substance though.)
– package of steak. it doesn’t have to be high quality. it does have to be less than an inch thick though. (I usually get cheap chuck .. it works just fine)
– EVOO, I keep it in my handy bottle with a pour spout.
– steak-type seasoning (Dr Gonzo One Hump Dry Rub is my new house seasoning of choice)
– mayo
– a good brown mustard. Guldens works. If you want KRAZY flavor, go with Dr Gonzo’s Adirondack Black Fly.
– baby arugula. or spinach. something green and interesting.
– tomato, thinly sliced
– cucumber, thinly sliced
– cheese of your choice, sliced (i recommend pepperjack)

The Method:
– plonk a skillet on medium-high heat. let it get hot.
– drizzle some oil over each side of steak. rub.
– liberally sprinkle steak seasoning.
– steak goes in pan. sizzling is good!
– cook steak until desired level of doneness!
– cut the steak into thin slices. return to pan with juices until sammich is ready to assemble.

– halve the loaf lengthwise (like you’re making one GINORMOUS sammich)
– mayo both sides. even if you don’t like mayo. trust me.
– mustard!
– spread out some arugula
– layer on tomato and cuke
– lay on a layer of steak
– add cheese
– carefully close sammich, and cut into individual portions.

It’s simple. It’s hearty. It goes GREAT with smashed redskin taties and some gravy. It’s full steak dinner that isn’t actually terrible for you.

And I love it. =)