Remember that cake I was talking about last post? Strawberry cake with peanut butter frosting in the middle and hazelnut frosting on the outside. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Everyone loved it.
That is my official new all-occasion cake now. Schweeeeet.

So there’s this new cute 50s style diner in the Target complex off Lincoln St in Worcester and since I can’t resist 50s diners, the boy and I felt we should give it a try. Very cute interior, lots of pictures of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and muscle cars. Each booth has a little jukebox so you can pick songs – 2 for a quarter. We had fun with that function. The menu is all right… burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc. Typical Americana. So decent start. The food… well, let’s just say that someone had a really great idea but totally fell through on getting the right talent to make it happen.
We started off with a root beer shake for Darren and a strawberry malt for me. Pretty good, but the glasses were like 50% whipped cream… and it was overwhipped. The shit wouldn’t even mix into the shakes all that well. Way too thick.
Got a bowl of chili, because I love chili. That was pretty decent. Darren liked it because it wasn’t overly cumin-y, which he finds is a problem for him with most other chilis. We both thought it was too heavy on the beans though. The chili was about the best part of the whole experience, really.
After a bit (this place is like retardedly busy since it’s still new) our food came out… Darren got the house burger, and I was brave and tried the shrimp po’boy. Oi. His bun was over-toasted and there wasn’t enough veg and sauces, so his burger was way dry. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t… good.
My po’boy was pretty much a complete failure. The shrimp was way too over-breaded and salted… and a little overcooked too. There was like barely a whisper of tartar sauce on the whole thing… I needed it because breaded crap on a baguette? Yeah, dry city. And since the baguette was split all the way through, everything kept falling out when I took a bite. And let me just say… I like my food heavy on the spices, so when something is too salty even for me? That’s kind of a problem. Same with the fries. The seasoning was probably good, but all I could taste was the damn salt. Which makes me sad, because damn do I loves my fries.
So yeah. cute concept, but sorely lacking in execution. Sorry, 5 & Diner, but you probably won’t be seeing me around for a while.