Y’know all them blueberries I had left over? Finally found a good way to get rid of a whole lot at once. And it’s wicked easy.

You need:
– a good blender
– frozen blueberries
– juice
– a good sorbet. sherbert also works in a pinch.


Scoop somewhere around a pint of sorbet into blender.
Add several handfuls of frozen berries.
Pour in juice til it come just shy of the top of the berry pile. (or, y’know, however much you think you need. err on the side of less if you’re not sure, because, obviously, you can always add but you can’t as easily take away)
Pulse until frothy.

I did two combinations: one was berries/lemon sorbet/apple juice, which I really liked. the other was berries/raspberry sherbert/cran-raspberry juice, which was more popular with the office folk. Both were amazingly good. If you want a thicker and milder smoothie, add a banana.

I suppose you could also use ice cream and/or yogurt if you wanted to, instead of fancy-ass sorbet… but you don’t get the crisp fresh feeling that way. Sometimes I like a snack to not be all weighted down with dairy/fat. I dunno.

Either way, I definitely gotta do smoothies more often.