Okay, this one is a little weird, I’ll admit. But it’s a new variation on one of my favorites: the portobella sandwich.
This recipe serves 4…ish.

You need:
3 big ol’ portobella caps
salsa from previous recipe
extra virgin olive oil
baby spinach
tomato, sliced
pepper jack cheese, sliced (in the world of sammiches, pepper jack reigns supreme)
bread or pita of your choice.

brush shrooms generously with olive oil. like really cover them.
liberally sprinkle with salt and pepper
cook. [last time i made these, i popped them onto a medium/medium-low grill. usually i put them on a sheet pan and whack them in a 350-degree oven.] I’m really terrible about remembering cook times, so just keep checking on them every few minutes until the mushrooms are tender. Especially the little stem bits.
remove from heat, let rest on plate.
make sauce: mix mayo and salsa, and pappermash if desired. I think I used one big spoonful of mayo (like a soup spoon… heaping.) and two of salsa. And two small spoons of peppermash. You’ll have to play around a bit.
slice mushrooms.
build sandwich: glop some salsa-mayo spread onto your bread or pita, add mushrooms, spinach, tomato, pepperjack.


*Warning: This is a wet and drippy sandwich. Proceed with caution. And lots of napkins.