GameJam LiveBlog #7: Prosciutto, Anyone?

October 9, 2011

I don’t have terribly much to say about this one, as it’s pretty self-explanatory.  Prosciutto is a cured meat that goes amazingly well with both savory and sweet things, and is often presented wrapped around something (figs, asparagus, pretzels, melons) so this time around I figured I would go with pear, since it’s inexpensive and easy to find, and requires little in the way of preparation.  I much prefer Bosc pears over Bartlett, but go with your favorite.  I would probably avoid Asian pears though, I think they’d actually be a little TOO sweet and/or grainy to match well with the prosciutto.  The buttery flavor of the Bosc goes the best, at least in my opinion.

So here’s what you do: slice the pear.  Carve out the seed part.  Wrap some prosciutto around it.  Go nuts!

I’m also rather proud of the composition of this photo, but that’s unrelated to anything else.

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