GameJam LiveBlog #6: Thanksgiving Wraps

October 9, 2011

I happen to use this particular combination fairly often, not just in food jams but also in my everyday repertoire.  Turkey and cranberry just play so well together, especially when there’s a nice moist stuffing throw into the mix.  I see simple versions of this in diners, which is awesome, and souped-up versions of this in restaurants, which is even more awesome.

For this incarnation, I used regular deli turkey, sliced thin, jellied cranberry sauce (I just don’t like the chunky stuff very much), stuffing (from a can, I’m almost embarrassed to admit) and whole wheat/flax lavash wraps.  As always, feel free to substitute your tortilla, wrap, pita, or bread of choice.  If you’re going to roll, I suggest spreading the cranberry down first, then the stuffing (and make it a bit more wet than you normally would, it helps the spreading) and then the turkey on top.

Some places serve their versions with some gravy for dipping – which I love as a concept, but while I will on occasion buy stuffing in a box, I draw the line at buying canned gravy.  Therefore, since this lab does not have a stove upon which I can make gravy, my wraps today are gravy-free.  Yet another reason to make the stuffing extra moist. =)


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